Servant Groups

church-youth-group-clip-art-132327Our Savior’s Lutheran Church is filled with members who give of their time, talents and resources.  Thank you so much for your active participation!

Our church community is divided up into Servant Groups for each month of the year.  One or two people  serve as the Servant Group Leader.  We thank that key person for helping to activate members of the group to serve!

The annual directory (pale yellow color) Yellow Pages serves as a guide to who is in each servant group, the leader, and the tasks that need to be filled by helpful volunteers each month including ushers, coffee servers, readers, etc.  If you don’t have a directory stop into the church office to receive your free copy.  In February of each year, a copy is put in each family’s folder in the rolling file folder in the narthex.

If you know your month please click on it below.  If you don’t, you may have to surf through the three groups of months!  If you do not see your name, please just quickly email the church office and they will help you join a group.  You can request to be a certain month and that will be taken into consideration.      If you have recently joined the church, you may not have been assigned to a servant group yet, or it may have been overlooked.  Please contact the office if you don’t find your name!

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cottage meeting

In the Fall, servant groups join together and meet at one of our member’s homes to have fellowship. These are called cottage meetings.  It is a time to mingle and participate in a little sharing (if you want). Get to know each other and our Pastor.  Have coffee and/or a glass of wine and a dessert.  See the post section for cottage meeting announcements and locations.