Giving Financially

Giving Financially

Our Savior’s and Melo Lutheran Churches are by no means churches where “all they talk about is money.” That said, there are some very clear things that we do say about money.

  • We believe that our generous God calls all of us to be generous people.
  • We believe that being generous does not make us poorer, it makes us richer.  God blesses givers!  Those blessings may not necessarily be financial or material, but they will be blessings – rich ones! – nevertheless.
  • We believe that generosity is by no means limited to our financial resources, but it certainly includes our financial resources.   The simple fact is that some of the things we believe we are called by God to do cost money.
  • We believe people should give as they are able – not as they are unable.
  • We believe that it is more helpful – and Biblical – not to measure the level of our giving by the amount we give, but by the percentage we give.
  • While we completely understand that not everyone is able to do this at all times in their lives, we do lift up – and invite people to grow toward – what the Bible calls “tithing” (giving 10% of our income away to the church or other charities that do good work in the world.)

Estimate of Giving Cards

We are currently inviting members and friends of OSL and Melo to assist us in our planning for the coming year by completing an Estimate of Giving Card indicating your intended level financial support to the mission and ministries of OSL and Melo this next year.

Our pledge to you…

In unapologetically asking our members to be generous, we pledge to you  that we will be as responsible as we can in making sure that your generosity does as much good in the church and in the world as it can.  Thank you!

Weekly Offering Envelopes

Each year members can pick up their envelopes in the Narthex (lobby) of the church.  They are generally set out in the narthex for pick-up in December, or are available anytime by contacting our office.  For those who give with checks or cash,  weekly envelopes are a great reminder of the importance of regular support to Calvary, and also allow us to give you a report of your annual giving for income tax deduction purposes.

Automated Fund Transfers

Automated Fund Transfers from a bank account of your choosing can be arranged at no cost to you or to OSL.  This is a great tool for making sure your support for OSL’s ongoing ministries and expenses continue even in those times when you are unable to be present at worship.    Automated contributions also allow us to send you a report of your annual giving for tax purposes at the end of the year.  Please print out the simply giving form, complete it and return it to the church office to begin the process needed for automated fund transfer. Changes can be made at any time. Forms can also be obtained at the church office, and any questions you may have about this giving option will be answered.

Simply Giving form>>>

Online Giving

We encourage online giving at OSL.  This is a great way to give towards memorials, pay for events, or provide a special offering you might feel called to.

Giving online to OSL is easy at GiveMN.  Click the donate button and you will be directed to the online giving form.  You may choose to designate where you want your donation to go when you check out.

Memorials and Scholarship Funds

Please talk to our office staff about how to set up a memorial or scholarship fund. The Endowment Committee of OSL manages and distributes scholarships which are available for high school seniors of the parish.

Endowment Funds

The OSL Endowment Committee manages funds given to OSL for memorials and scholarships. The committee has five members who are elected, generally to a three-year term. The pastor and council president are advisory members. A chairman, recording secretary and financial secretary are elected among the members. The committee meets quarterly in March, June, September and December.