Women of Evangelical Lutheran Churches of America ~ WELCA!

All women of the church belong to WELCA.

A Fall Supper (September) and Spring Supper (April) are held each year at OSL. The women of the church are divided into three work groups which put on these dinners, and are led by a committee, whose membership rotates. Committee members usually serve for 4 years, the 4th of which they are in charge. The work groups provide food, work, and give donations towards the suppers; members choose one of these options. A free-will donation is asked of those attending the suppers, and monies raised are given to various community organizations as well as donated for needs within the church.

How do I get involved in WELCA?

All women of OSL and Melo are welcome to attend. A monthly circle meeting is held at 2:00 pm on the second Wednesday of the month (September – June) at the North Star Manor Apartments, 434 N McKinley St, in Warren, MN. The lesson is taken from the ‘Gather’ magazine. A copy of the lesson will be provided to you if you don’t subscribe to ‘Gather’. A light lunch and fellowship follows the lesson. A small offering may be taken as well, which is donated at the end of the year.

What events does WELCA coordinate in our churches?

 The Fall Supper and the Spring Supper, as well as a Birthday/Christmas Party at the North Star Manor in Warren.

The WELCA Executive Board meets quarterly during the year, generally in March, May/June, September and December. The board makes decisions regarding events and donations at this business meeting, and minutes are published in the church newsletter. New members are always welcome and everyone is welcome to attend; dates are published in the bulletin and newsletter.