What to Expect

Worship at Our Savior’s and Melo is both traditional and lively. We enjoy singing hymns to the piano or organ and flowing with the Lutheran liturgy. Children are cherished in our worship spaces, along with their play and noises. People come in just from the fields or before heading out to sporting events, so come as you are to worship.

Holy Communion

This sacrament is served on the first and third Sundays each month, as well as on special occasions. We have an open table for all baptized adult Christians and baptized children who have received instruction to receive communion. Melo offers wine, and OSL offers both wine and grape juice.

Can’t join in person?

Our worship services at OSL are recoded and accessible via YouTube, Facebook or in the “Sunday Worship Video” tab of this website. This recording also goes to Warren’s local station through Sjoberg’s Channel 13 at 3:30 on Mondays. We are working with Garden Valley for this service to also be available on their local channel soon. If you would like for weekly worship bulletins to be sent to you, please contact Mallory in the church office at

osl@oursaviors-melo.org or 218-745-4478