Core Values

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While our Mission Statement is the heartbeat of Our Savior’s, 6 Core Values are a vital part of how we seek to live into our Mission.

Word and Sacrament Ministry

Our Savior’s gathers regularly around God’s Word and the Sacraments. As a congregation we seek to be a worshiping community whenever we gather, to send forth people to share God’s story, to proclaim the promises of God, and to understand our vocations as an opportunity for worship.


Our Savior’s nurtures a caring and supportive congregation that teaches and encourages people to reach out and share their faith. We do this both locally and globally, understanding ourselves to be servants and evangelists. As a congregation we seek to share the Good News of Jesus Christ in our community and the world, to serve the needy, and to welcome others into our community of faith.

Youth Development

Our Savior’s provides a fun, active, educational and caring atmosphere for youth. We provide many opportunities for youth to participate, learn, grow and strengthen their faith in God. As a congregation we seek to value youth as important members of our community of faith, to provide opportunities for youth to learn and to grow in faith and leadership, to nurture healthy relationships between youth, their families, and others, and to encourage youth to serve and ignite people for Christ.

Empowering People’s Gifts

Our Savior’s encourages each person to discover and use their gifts. We believe that every person is given gifts to be used for building up the body of Christ. As a congregation we seek to search out and discover the gifts of each person, to recognize people’s gifts publicly, to empower people to use their gifts, and to develop the gifts of all through encouragement, education and experiences.

Congregationally Owned Ministry

Our Savior’s encourages all people to participate and take ownership in the ministry of the church. We seek to continue to develop a congregation of small groups, to identify more leaders around particular gifts, events or tasks, and to encourage and bless lay ministry.

Personal Growth

Our Savior’s provides opportunities for people to learn and grow in their personal faith. We strive to integrate our faith experience into daily life. As a congregation we seek to provide educational and learning opportunities, to encourage personal reflection concerning faith and daily life, to provide opportunities for learning through service, and to support individual study.