Time and Talents

To say we believe we are all called to live generous lives is not just a statement about money, but about all of the blessings God has given us.  Scripture teaches that the the church is “a body,” and each of us are “members of the body” with particular gifts – and important gifts – that God has given us to serve Christ and the needs of the body.  (See The Church as The Body of Christ – I Corinthians 12)   We are “different from each other,” this passage clearly says, and those differences are a gift!

If you have a talent or gift you’d like to offer to OSL or Melo, please contact Pastor Janet.  Getting people to bring forward their time and talent is a great joy of our Pastor.  The worship page>>> lists ways to share your talent and time also!

Once a year, the Stewardship Committee asks people to complete a time and talent worksheet.  This is a wonderful time to Step Out of the Boat.

If you’d like to become more involved in the churches and share your gifts, please contact the pastor or office. There are several committees and groups within Melo & OSL that would love to have you participate. You would be a blessing to them and you will be blessed in return! You may also contact a member of any group you might have an interest in; check with the office for more information!